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Core77 Design Awards 美國Core77設計獎

MFV Implement

MFV Implement是款多功能模組化農業機具,透過簡易的拆裝結構,使農民能配合各階段耕作需求,加裝不同模組化耕耘系統於車上,包含火耕、播種、灌溉和運載模組,未耕作時亦能作為農民的代步工具。其中火耕模組結合空氣過濾和翻攪系統,讓土壤達到增加肥沃度、殺菌和過濾廢棄的效果。

MFV Implement is a multi-functional modular agricultural machine. Through a simple disassembly and assembly structure, farmers can adapt to the needs of various stages of farming. Different modular farming systems can be installed on the vehicle, including fire plowing, seeding, irrigation and transport models. It can also be used as a means of transportation for farmers when it is not farming. Among them, the thermal farming module combines air filtration and stirring systems to increase the fertility of the soil, sterilize and filter waste.

Core77 Design Awards

Core77 設計獎表彰設計企業各個領域的卓越表現,每年都會表彰設計行業的豐富性以及從業者的洞察力和毅力。 現在是第十一個年頭,該獎項計劃仍然致力於卓越和包容性,為學生和專業人士提供機會,在全球範圍內通過 18 個不同的設計推廣他們的最佳作品

Recognizing excellence in all areas of design enterprise, the Core77 Design Awards annually celebrates the richness of the design profession as well as the insight and perseverance of its practitioners. Now in its eleventh year, the Awards program remains dedicated to excellence and inclusivity, offering both students and professionals the opportunity to promote their best work on a global scale across 18 distinct design


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