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Ookuwa Taiwan|日本大鍬專賣店


以日本大鍬的大顎為品牌造型標誌,中央搭配梅花象徵Ookuwa Taiwan為台灣飼育日本大鍬界的首席領導者。 外圍以三對大顎營造鍬形蟲對峙;內部梅花則由六對幼蟲牙齒組成,圍繞出幼蟲蜷曲的意象。 所有圖像以等距環繞傳達出品牌重視生態、文化與優良品種繁衍,如同日本傳統家徽般給人具有文化的信賴感。

The big jaw of the Japanese shovel is used as the brand's logo, and the plum blossom in the center symbolizes that Ookuwa Taiwan is the chief leader of the Japanese shovel breeding industry in Taiwan. On the periphery, three pairs of large jaws create a confrontation with stag beetles; the inner plum blossom is composed of six pairs of larvae teeth, surrounding the image of the larvae curling up. All images are surrounded by isometrics to convey that the brand attaches importance to ecology, culture and the reproduction of fine breeds, giving people a sense of cultural trust like a traditional Japanese family crest.

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