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空氣清淨機 LUFT Mask |產品3D影片

江山設計與UFTQI 協同開發個人空氣淨化器LUFT Mask在嘖嘖zeczec募資平台成功募資到440萬元。
募資連結 :

JS Design and UFTQI collaborated to develop the personal air purifier LUFT Mask, which successfully raised 4.4 million NTD on the zeczec fundraising platform.
JS Design provides design services such as product concept proposals, appearance design and UI interface, creating a rollable octagonal shape, a window grille shape for the air outlet and a simple UI interface icon for the panel. The product video conveys the smart touch interface and polyhedral appearance of the product itself. The design features of the wind surface and various colors allow the product to keep the air fresh while also taking into account the aesthetics and user needs.
Fundraising link:

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