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洪興已經深耕研磨材料領域超過五十年,我們的企業核心價值是不斷超越顧客期待。作為市場的領導者,洪興透過提供卓越的產品而收穫了極佳的聲譽。自始至終,我們遵循國際品質標準ISO 9001品質管理系統,穩定的為客戶提供頂尖產品。洪興的研磨材料產品,承襲來自德國 Starcke, VSM 以及日本 Riken 的品質。數年來,公司本著「顧客至上,追求卓越」的企業文化,在行業內已深受台灣客戶的信任。

Hongxing has been deeply involved in the field of abrasive materials for more than 50 years. Our corporate core value is to constantly exceed customer expectations. As a market leader, Hung Hing has earned an excellent reputation by providing superior products. From the beginning to the end, we follow the international quality standard ISO 9001 quality management system to provide customers with top-notch products steadily. Hongxing's abrasive products inherit the quality from Starcke, VSM in Germany and Riken in Japan. Over the past few years, the company has been deeply trusted by Taiwanese customers in the industry based on the corporate culture of "customer first, pursuit of excellence".

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