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綠色拓荒者 | 兒童SDGS輔助教具


綠色拓荒者Green Pioneer是款結合SDGs目標的奪寶型都市開發與環境教育桌遊。
在主視覺設計上採用童趣且俏皮的六邊形為基本元素,每個六角形都代表每位探索世界的孩童,能透過Green Pioneer來認識和反思現在所看見的種種社會和環境問題,並用象徵地球的綠與藍結合陣列的形式呈現世界各地的孩童都在探索著世界,讓孩童能為地球做出改變且盡一份心力。

Green Pioneer is a treasure-hunting urban development and environmental education board game that combines SDGs goals.
In the main visual design, childish and playful hexagons are used as the basic elements. Each hexagon represents each child who is exploring the world. Through Green Pioneer, they can recognize and reflect on various social and environmental issues they are seeing now, and use the The combination of green and blue, which symbolizes the earth, shows that children all over the world are exploring the world, so that children can make changes and do their part for the earth.

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