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FS BEAST是台可搭接多種農業機具並供給燃料的無人車,依據各階段耕作需求,透過車體前後端的裝置連接不同耕耘系統,減輕農民在不同機具轉換間,動力系統供應與操作無法統一的不便。


FS BEAST is an unmanned vehicle that can connect to a variety of agricultural machinery and supply fuel. According to the needs of each stage of farming, different farming systems are connected through the devices on the front and rear ends of the vehicle body, which eases farmers' power system supply and operation between different machinery and tools. The inconvenience of not being able to unify.

The interface design uses dark blue to present the technological sense of smart agricultural machinery, combined with a transparent and simple interface design to present a sense of the future, and uses dark red and dark yellow, which symbolize fire farming and agriculture, to present the innovation and reform that the machinery has brought to agriculture.

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