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FS BEAST是台具燃料供給系統來搭接多種農業機具的無人農耕車。透過前後端連接器可配合各階段耕作需求搭接多種大型農業機具,包含翻土、火耕、播種、灌溉、施肥、收成,搭配燃料供給系統,可減輕農民在不同機具轉換時的動力系統不統一與操作不便的問題。

FS BEAST is an unmanned farming vehicle with a fuel supply system to bridge a variety of agricultural equipment. Through the front and rear connectors, a variety of large agricultural machinery can be connected to meet the needs of various stages of farming, including soil plowing, fire tillage, seeding, irrigation, fertilization, and harvesting. With a fuel supply system, it can reduce the power system of farmers when switching between different machines. Unification and inconvenience in operation.

獲獎經歷 Awards

2022   Red Dot Award: Design Concept / WINNER
2021   建大工業股份有限公司 X KENDA DESIGN AWARD

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