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CHEESE SHARPENER是一款結合起司與削鉛筆意象的創意食品,透過不同造型的削頭削出或擠出不同形狀的起司,以搭配多種起司料理做食用,CHEESE SHARPENER不僅提供客製化的起司種類與大小供消費者做選擇搭配,更創造一個全新的飲食體驗及特殊的口感增加用餐前的樂趣。

CHEESE SHARPENER is a creative food that combines the image of cheese and pencil sharpening. It can be used to cut or squeeze different shapes of cheese through different shapes of heads to match a variety of cheese dishes. CHEESE SHARPENER not only provides customized The cheese types and sizes are for consumers to choose and match, creating a brand-new eating experience and special taste to increase the pleasure before dining.

獲獎經歷 Awards

2021   紅點概念設計獎Red Dot Award: Design Concept / Finalists

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