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CLOTHING MANAGER是款可為衣物與鞋類進行殺菌與除濕的循環衣架,改善被戶外大量病菌附著的衣物鞋類被攜帶進室內後造成病菌傳播的問題;並提供曬衣時與殺菌後的衣物除濕,降低室內曲霉菌繁殖造成的呼吸道疾病問題。

It is a circulating hanger that sterilizes and dehumidifies clothing and footwear to inhibit the spread of pathogens indoors caused by a large number of outdoor pathogens attached to clothing and footwear. The hanger also dehumidifies clothing during drying and after sterilization to reduce the problem of respiratory diseases brought about by indoor aspergillus breeding.

獲獎經歷 Awards

2021   Red Dot Award: Design Concept / Finalists

2020 panasonic 綠色生活創意設計大賽/ 銀獎

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